Brown Rice Crisp

– High in selenium and manganese
– High fibre content
– Rich in antioxidants
– Slow-release carbohydrate

Flax Seed

– High in Omega 3 fatty acids
– High in fibre, low in carbohydrates
– Promotes healthy skin and hair
– Promotes weight loss
– Lowers cholesterol
– High in antioxidants
– Supports digestive health

Old Fashioned Rolled Oats

– High in antioxidants
– Anti-inflammatory
– Super source of soluble fibre
– Cholesterol lowering
– Improved blood sugar control
– Increased satiety, supports weight loss

Brown Rice Syrup

– Contains trace minerals
– Gluten free and vegan

Coconut Oil

– High in MCTs for brain health
– Increases calories burned
– Kills harmful bacteria
– Controls appetite
– Improves cholesterol levels

Chia Seeds

– Massive amount of nutrients with relatively few calories
– High in fibre and protein
– Very High in Omega 3s
– Loaded with antioxidants
– Increases satiety, promotes weight loss
– Lowers the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes
– High in bone supporting minerals

Sunflower Seeds

– Contain bone-healthy minerals
– Rich in vitamin E for skin health
– High in anti-inflammatory antioxidants
– Lowers bad cholesterol
– High in nerve and mood supporting magnesium

Raw Almonds

– Loaded with antioxidants
– Protects cell membranes
– Helps control blood sugar
– Beneficial for healthy blood pressure
– Lowers bad cholesterol
– Reduces hunger, lowering caloric intake
– Aids weight loss


– Rich source of fibre
– Antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial
– Supports healthy bones and teeth
– High in antioxidants
– Antiparisitic

Hemp Hearts

– Exceptionally rich in Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids
– Source of high quality protein
– High in vitamin E
– Contains many minerals essential for good health
– Reduces risk of heart disease
– Lowers blood pressure
– Supports hormone health


– Extremely nutrient dense
– One of the most antioxidant rich foods
– Reduce DNA damage
– Lower risk of heart disease
– Support brain function and memory
– Promote healthy blood sugar levels


– Very good source of Vitamin C
– Promote urinary tract health
– Improve immune function
– Decrease blood pressure
– Super high in antioxidants
– Improve dental health
– Inhibit cancer cells

Unrefined Cane Sugar

– Dried juice from sugarcane
– Unrefined; less processed than most other sugars
– Each ViaBar is only lightly sweetened


– ViaBar contains only pure extract
– No artificial flavours or colourings
– Contains trace minerals for heart and blood health
– Contains B-complex vitamins

Cacao Powder

– Contain natural antidepressants
– Has antioxidant boosting effects
– May lower bad cholesterol
– Boost cognitive function
– Provides essential minerals


– Loaded with antioxidants
– Boosts metabolic rate
– Contains vitamins and minerals
– Supports brain and nerve health
– Protects liver health


– Rich in vitamin C
– Promotes body alkalinity
– Cleanses the liver and bowel
– Antiparisitic and antibacterial
– Supports eye health
– Contains many anti-cancer compounds


– Contains cancer fighting vitamin C and phytochemicals
– Supports kidney and liver health
– Boosts heart health
– Suppresses viral infections
– High in fibre
– Promotes good eye health
– Produces body alkalinity


– Very high in antioxidants
– Fights inflammation in the body
– Lowers blood sugar levels, powerfully anti-diabetic
– Antibacterial and anti-fungal


– One of the most nutritious herbs
– Very high in vitamin K
– Contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
– Has antibacterial properties
– Contains DNA protecting flavonoids

Himalayan Salt

– Contains dozens of naturally occurring trace minerals
– Unprocessed and unrefined