Our Company Story

Locally Made and Family Operated

ViaBar is operated in High River, Alberta. All of our bars are handmade with love and care. We are sold locally and pride ourselves on building a community dedicated to healthy living and clean energy eating. We believe in products that taste amazing and are also responsibly made.

All About ViaBar

ViaBar is business focused on creating the perfect clean energy bar. ViaBar was born out of the need for an easy, portable snack that was also healthy. It had to be different than what was already available but still delicious. After many trial and errors ViaBar was born! ViaBar continues to grow and offer a product that is delicious to health food enthusiasts and to those new to the health food world.
ViaBar strives to make clean, healthy food available to everyone. ViaBar aims to get kids eating healthy by offering flavours that they are familiar with and enjoy eating. We aim to get people eating healthy without feeling like they’re eating healthy. One of our main goals is to make healthy accessible and easy. Our bars are affordable, tasty, and perfect for those that are constantly on the go and wanting an energy bar that they know will be good for them.

Why Buy ViaBar?

ViaBar is packed with Omega-3’s and fibre. They give you the boost of energy you need while giving you the flavours you crave. Our bars are 100% Vegan, Gluten Free, and Peanut Free. With ten unique flavours, there is a bar for everyone. We believe in fuelling healthy lives!

Frequently Asked Questions